Tips for Recording

We want your best videos.

MindSwarms has some guidelines for meeting basic A/V standards. You’ll have a chance to review your video right when you record. Follow these steps to ensure your survey responses are never flagged for video quality!

1. Use the Full Minute to Respond

Short answers are bad answers. They always fail to discuss why a person believes something. They rarely show emotion. They never provide insights. We give you a full minute so that you can be open and honest. Take it. Go in depth and let us know as much detail as possible.

2. Light Your Face

When your face is well lit, we can see your expressions and understand the context of your comments. Ideally, you should have a soft light facing you. At a minimum, make sure that the room is well lit. Avoid bright lights or windows behind you because they will make it hard for your camera to focus on you.

3. Frame Your Head

We know you have an awesome nose, but we'd rather be able to see your whole face. Position yourself so that you are visible from the upper chest to the top of your head, with a bit of margin on the top and sides so that you can move around and gesture.

4. Get Comfortable

We want you to be able to be yourself, so go ahead and get comfortable. This isn't the debutante ball. Sit in your favorite chair, wear your everyday clothes, and let your style and personality shine. Don't script it - shoot from the hip!

5. Eliminate Background Noise

Fans, screaming children or music ruin videos. Even if they don't sound loud to you, your device microphone loves to record them. Make your recording atmosphere as quiet as possible. A bedroom with closed doors and windows works well; a coffee shop with customers and espresso machines doesn't.

6. Show Us

Seeing is better. If you want to talk about your shoes, show us the shoes on the video. The more we can see, the better we can understand what you mean.

7. Shoot from the Hip

This isn't an audition, so you don't need to write notes or plan your responses. We want you to say what is on your mind, even if it doesn't sound perfect. Some of the best answers happen after stumbling a bit.

8. Be Honest

Sometimes people limit themselves because they think there is a "right way" to answer the questions. There isn't. Our clients only care about what you think, and don't care if your opinions are popular or politically correct. The best answers we see are real, honest, and unfiltered.

9. Emotions Are Okay

If a question makes you angry, tell us about it. If you love a concept you see, show us your enthusiasm. Sharing your emotional reactions lets us know where you are coming from and what drives your thoughts, which is always helpful in understanding your responses.