Why participate in MindSwarms video surveys?

You have great ideas.

We believe that everyone is an expert at something, even if they don't realize it. Most of us aren't Grand Master at chess or fighter pilots, but we all deal with things like household cleaning, smartphones, cars or apps. Since you do these things every day, you probably have ideas how they could be made better.

Make your voice heard.

Have you ever wanted to tell Nike how to make your ideal shoe, suggest new cereal ingredients to Kellogg's, or complain to AT&T about your cell service? MindSwarms connects you to companies that want to hear your feedback. Your answers shape the next generation of products and services they make.

Respond to questions using the video function on your smartphone, tablet, or webcam from the comfort of your own home car, office, or space station.

We'll even pay you. Seriously.

We pay you $50 to answer 7 questions or $10 to answer 1 question. It's that simple. There are no contests to “possibly win” a gadget or cash. It's fast; it takes most people less than 10 minutes to log in, apply or record answers, and sign out.

MindSwarms provides companies with higher quality research than they typically receive. Since your video responses are vital to what we do, we believe you should be paid for the answers you provide.

Some outsiders have told us that we pay too much and maybe we do. But we'd rather pay more to have happy users who like the way we do business and tell their friends about MindSwarms.

Get started now.

It's easy to get started: sign up for a participant account. Or, if you want to learn a bit more, check out our FAQ for all the details. We look forward to seeing your answers soon!

What do our participants say?

Real participants. Real opinions.

"I love MindSwarms because there's different survey opportunities. New products that you get to see and give your opinion. I really feel like I'm giving back."

Chalita A.

"MindSwarms makes me feel as though my opinion is recognized."

Garrett U.

"Who wouldn't love to get paid for sharing your opinion on things that you use on an everyday basis?"

Vanessa Z.