Why Choose Mobile Video Surveys?
Connect to your consumers’ emotional drivers.

Use MindSwarms' full-service mobile video surveys to make your product or service more relevant by embedding high-quality, authentic consumer insights into your development process. You’ll capture more than just sight, sound, and motion with MindSwarms consumer videos; you’ll discover the emotional experiences that tell the human stories of everyday life. Leverage your inherent skills as a processor of human expression to understand the “why” behind the “what” of consumer choices. Brand, product, and service purchasing decisions are emotionally driven, and we believe that video is the best tool to capture and communicate emotion.

"Fast. Flexible. Insights at a price you can afford."

Dimitrios Papadogonas
Virgin America

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"It helped me identify with the target audience."

Michiel Knoppert

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"It goes way beyond data; it's people's stories."

Albert Shum

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See The World through Their Eyes

Enjoy vivid, in context, consumer feedback from the comfort of your desk.

Getting Started

Share your research objective, a description of your target respondents, line of questioning, and we will structure and execute your mobile video survey for you.

Hands-Free Data Collection

See video responses come in online through your own private link. MindSwarms handles all recruitment, screening, and response quality assurance, so you can sit back and view the responses as they arrive.

Engage with Your Insights

Share video responses and transcripts with colleagues with just a link. Request MindSwarms reporting and analysis, project debrief, and/or highlight reel video to jump-start your strategy development.

Infuse Empathy Into Your Work

Discover how to make your brand, product or service more relevant.

Experience the way video allows you to absorb subtle, nuanced, and latent information being telegraphed to you. Humans know how to read expression, hear the nuance of voice, and recognize the emotional context for what is being communicated. With MindSwarms mobile video surveys, your data will be complete with color and context.

In many cases when you’re working on a project, you aren’t the target consumer. Create that human connection to your consumer by listening to the candid stories behind perceptions, usage, behavior and/or attitudes.