How Our Mobile Video Surveys Works
Perform these steps with us to glean the richest remote qualitative feedback possible.

Optimally executed mobile video surveys can be excellent surrogates for focus groups or traditional ethnographies. They are the next best thing to being there, when time, money or logistics aren’t conducive to qualitative fieldwork. But quality of response can vary dramatically in mobile video research, and that’s where our expertise comes in. Laid out below are the specific steps our team takes to ensure that the responses you get back are are authentic, of high-quality, in the right context, and above all, from the right target! We guarantee it.

Step 1

Our team clarifies your research objective and verifies whether it is a good fit for the medium to guarantee success. We are fans of concise objectives.

Step 2

Your dedicated Project Manager builds and launches your custom screener, reviews all applicants, and expertly hand picks those who are the best fit.

Step 3

Equipped with the unique skill of asking great questions to glean rich responses via mobile video, your Project Manager works alongside you to structure the questions.

Step 4

Your Project Manager proofs every single video response to ensure it matches our quality standards and will replace any subpar respondent free of charge.

Step 5

Watch your video responses roll in, along with video transcripts, via your own personal user-friendly response matrix, and begin gleaning your insight!

Step 6

If you prefer to just keep a pulse on the research as videos roll in, we do the analysis, build your report, and edit a highlight reel to bring your consumer insights to life.

Example Videos

Play the responses below to see the power of video feedback for yourself.

Mobile video surveys create an entirely new access point into people’s lives, their homes, and their daily routines, for you to incorporate into your research. Join participants on a shop-a-long from the comfort of your desk. Obtain feedback on creative concepts or on product concepts from the right people, without inconveniencing them with travel to and from your facility. Peer into participants' pantries, refrigerators or closets, and gain insight into how they live, that only seeing for yourself can provide. Prompt them to talk about intimate subjects, and listen as they speak unaffected by the self-awareness that comes with being in a room full of other participants or a moderator. Have them show you how they use apps on their mobile phone, their favorite features and their pet peeves. Mobile video surveys afford you access to rich feedback with such ease that quick-turn around qualitative research is no longer a rare luxury, but can become your new standard.