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Learn how and when to use mobile video ethnography.

Mobile video ethnography can be your savior when you don't have the time or budget to execute fieldwork, locally or globally. Because of their flexibility, speed and efficiency, they also empower you to execute observational qualitative research more frequently, and enable your organization to be more nimble. They can be a trusty complement to your focus groups or ethnographies, by expanding your reach. But, you might ask, do I sacrifice quality for speed and efficiency? Learn how following best practices unique to this new medium, and getting creative, enables you to take advantage of people's special relationship with their smartphone to elicit amazingly rich and authentic feedback. Also learn how mobile video ethnography gives you a built-in mechanism to convincingly share your insights with colleagues and/or clients.

5 Reasons You Need to Use Video

We’ve been there: presenting researching insights to a room of C-Level executives who don’t seem engaged. Then, you play a video, their heads lift, and suddenly you’re Sinatra with a microphone. Check out our 5 reasons you need to use video to get your audience’s attention.

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5 Ways Mobile Video Ethnography Redefines Qualitative Research

Our Founder and CEO, Tom Bassett, details the ways that mobile video research reenergizes traditional qualitative research, and open up new methodologies previously unavailable to researchers.

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Mobile Video Research Question Writing Guide and Worksheet

Our project managers impart years of mobile video ethnography wisdom in this guide. Whether you're working with mobile video ethnography for the first time, or are a mobile research veteran, this guide tells you everything you need to know to write questions that will elicit consistently thoughtful and original responses from our quality respondents.

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3 Creative Uses of Mobile Video Ethnography

We often say that the limits of mobile video ethnography often coincide with the limits of your imagination. Expounding on that ideal, we pick out three of the most creative uses of mobile video ethnography.

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Maximize the Impact of Your Mobile Video Ethnography

In his guide, gleaned from 20+ years of experience with world-class brands like Nike, Sonos, Microsoft, Intel, and Subway, Tom Bassett shares his tips and tricks for pattern finding, bucketing results, identifying the overarching story, and sharing results in a captivating way.