Case Studies
Discover how our clients creatively use mobile video ethnography in research.

From R&D departments in mammoth technology, consumer goods, or food and beverage companies, to marketing arms of big box retailers, health and beauty or apparel corporations, to global advertising agencies, to freelance researchers, our mobile video ethnography has been employed in countless different ways. The one common theme, staying true to observational research, is that achieving empathy with the subject is the ultimate goal. Body language, tone of voice and context all come into play upon gleaning insight from the videos garnered. Select case studies below give you a window into some of the more frequent (and less confidential) uses.

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Test Your Ad Campaign

Working on the follow up to their incredibly successful truth campaign, American Legacy Foundation and 2014 Ad Age Agency of the Year, 72&Sunny, needed to qualitatively test their creative to see if it resonated with today's teens. MindSwarms crafted a mobile video ethnography, putting the new ads in front of teenagers who got on their smartphone camera, recording their reactions to, and impressions of, the ads.

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Global Qual

Rob Klingensmith, Chief Strategic Officer of Marcel Worldwide, worked with MindSwarms to collect consumer insights in five different countries for their client Luxottica, makers of the world’s most iconic eyewear brands – Ray-Ban and Persol.

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Amplify Your Pitch

Four days away from a pitch to a major national bank, BBDO NY’s Gordon McClean went to MindSwarms to glean consumer insights that informed their pitch. The result: they won.