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Create breakthroughs in innovation by bringing the consumer voice into your research using mindswarms

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mindswarms' video survey platform offers three ways to help understand the emotions of your consumers


Quickly surface insights you need to innovate your brand with our DIY research platform. You provide participants. We provide easy to use video survey and AI tools to get research done.

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DIY + Recruit

You know the audience you want to hear from but need help finding them. DIY + Recruit is all the power of DIY plus our recruiting expertise and exclusive database of 250,000 consumers.

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Full Service

Get the consumer insights you value without being saddled with all of the work. Our expert researchers become an integral part of your team to help design, recruit for, and report on your study.

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The top brands and agencies bring the consumer voice into their research with mindswarms
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mindswarms is so good at unearthing insights because their bespoke recruiting helps us hear from the exact audience we're looking for.


Athlete Concepts

Nike Innovation Kitchen

Nike Avatar

When COVID-19 hit, we worked with the team to field a quick consumer study on a Saturday. We needed to gauge whether the work would hit the right tone. With results by Sunday, the study gave clients the confidence to launch the campaign.

Angela Jones

Group Strategy Director

Wieden + Kennedy

Angela Avatar

With a tight deadline to conduct research, develop a sizzle reel, and deliver a pitch, the mindswarms team was an integral part of getting the project done quickly.

Abby Thorsgaard

Primary Research Manager

Omnicom Media Group

Abby Avatar
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The ultimate
research dashboard
Cloud-based link provides easy access to - and sharing of - video responses and transcripts.
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1 minute self-recorded video responses are viewable, downloadable, and shareable via a link.
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Video responses and transcripts are organized by question.
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English language transcripts and translations are included for all responses.
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View profile details and sceener responses for each participant.

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Our highly experienced team of research experts is here to ensure you find the unexpected consumer insight “unlock.”


Video answers to survey questions are available in as little as 24 hours.


Every video answer is meticulously reviewed to ensure the highest possible quality.


We’re available at every step of the process to make insight collecting effortless.

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