Human truths at the press of a button

Fabric’s mobile video survey platform and industry-first AI help you quickly capture and highlight emotional insights from consumers without sifting through hours of videos and transcripts.

Researcher Designed

Software for researchers by researchers

Video Responses

Insights from the most emotionally intelligent medium

Faster Results

Uncover insights with less manual analysis

Put your research platform to work for you

Get insights from the audiences you care about

Fabric is an all-in-one platform to help you create your screener, bring consumers into your study, and pay incentives. Invite your own participants or let us help you recruit from our database of 250,000 participants from 79 countries. We have a proven track record of helping you connect to even the narrowest of audiences.

Get unguarded video responses to your questions

Ask up to 10 questions, then see how participants feel through their unguarded 1-minute long video responses. Videos flow into an easy to view and share dashboard as they’re completed so you can start seeing what your audience has to say immediately.

Reduce hours of analysis with the help of industry-first AI

Eliminate hours of manually analyzing video responses. Fabric’s industry-first AI surfaces the most common Emotions and Mentions in your video responses. It’s like hiring an assistant to help you with your research.

Catch every nuance with human transcripts

Switch from a matrix of video responses to human transcripts to quickly browse for keywords. Copy and paste verbatims to pack more punch in your presentations and reports.

Fabric AI is the needle without the haystack

Fabric’s groundbreaking AI platform uses machine learning to detect emotions and sentiments. Then, by combining that data with natural language processing and advanced transcription methods, Fabric generates a plain-English Response Summary along with emotion-based data and selected quotes for commonly mentioned topics.

Summary views of Emotions and Mentions

With our industry-first Response Summary that surfaces the most common Emotions and Mentions for each question and its associated video responses, you know where to dive in and start doing your careful analysis.

Dive deeper into videos and stand out quotes

Emotions and Mentions in Fabric’s Response Summary link straight to the quotes and the exact timestamp in videos where they’re surfaced. It’s the ultimate shortcut in knowing where to start and taking you there so you can start your analysis.

Sort by Emotions and Mentions

Want a deeper dive into the data surfaced by Fabric AI? Drill down to see counts of Mentions and their associated Emotions. Or reverse that by looking at Emotions to see their counts and associated Mentions. Raw numbers and visual graphs help you navigate the data and get a lay of the land in minutes.

Upload long form videos and one-on-one interviews

Have video assets from outside of a Fabric study that you’d like to analyze more quickly? Upload them and let Fabric AI save you even more time with your manual analysis.

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Learn more about how Fabric:
  • Helps you understand the emotions of your consumers through video surveys
  • Provides you an easy to view video matrix
  • Helps you recruit for even the narrowest of audiences
  • Reduces manual analysis using industry-first AI
  • Provides human transcripts so you catch all the details
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