Is Athleisure The New Business Casual?

In our latest mindswarms mobile video study on the topic of athleisure wear, lululemon customers whom we found in our recruit openly shared that wearing their most comfortable apparel while working from home helps them do their best work.

And they’re ready to keep it going once they return to the office. Athleisure fans told us they’re ready to make their new ensembles a permanent part of their in-office wardrobe.

The Big Question

What happened when working professionals stopped going to the office in March? They put on their most comfortable clothes and felt even more productive.

For lululemon customers specifically, working from home means their customers are wearing the brand even more often.

For many athleisure customers, lululemon apparel has become a reliable work from home companion during COVID. Those we surveyed overwhelmingly said lululemon apparel provides a dependable and enduring source of comfort, fitting perfectly and offering just the right amount of low-key style to look professional on any video call.

Whether consumers are new to the brand during the pandemic or they’ve been wearing lululemon for years, they have one thing in common: they are wearing lululemon more than they ever did before.

Many say it’s because of the freedom working from home provides in their choice of fashion.

lululemon has also become the everything apparel to consumers. Whether work from home pros are fielding Zoom calls for work, caring for a newborn, running errands at the grocery store, or squeezing in their midday workout, they say lululemon is so versatile they can’t imagine buying anything else.

The Big Story

Because consumers perceive lululemon’s design as simple and sleek, they think it’s easy to dress it and make it work while they’re, well – working.

A quick styling of their hair, a long necklace, and a loose-fitting sweater usually do the trick to get them ready for the next video call.

lululemon customers don’t see their working relationship with the brand ending when they return to the office. They want to bring their new look back to the office because they feel like it allows them to reflect their personality.

They believe that when they’re comfortable, they do their best work. And when they pair their lululemon attire with the right accessories, consumers feel they can still keep their professional edge.

How Should Brands Respond?

While consumers are figuring out how to turn lululemon apparel into an acceptable part of their work wardrobe, they may not be turning to the brand for that advice or those accessories that they feel “dresses up” the brand.

How can lululemon and other athleisure brands become a part of that dressing up?

Many stated that even though they’re wearing lululemon more, they haven’t expanded the different types of products they’re buying from the brand. And some miss the in-store experience.

Is there a missed opportunity to introduce different products and shape the way lululemon is worn while working?

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