When A Crisis Hits, The Hair Goes First

In our latest mobile video study, consumers universally admitted they were letting one aspect of their personal hygiene slip: their hair.

The Big Question

Whether it’s eyebrows, beards, or that unruly ‘do, consumers universally agreed that when it comes to a slip in their personal hygiene, it’s all about letting go of their hair grooming routines.

Consumers told us that since they’re not going out much and rarely see other people, they don’t see the point in putting time into styling their hair.

But there’s an emotional conflict for many. The decision to “let their hair down” has many consumers feeling frustrated, lazy, and even ashamed.

The Big Story

What’s one of the side effects of not getting out and being social? Lots of bad hair days.

Like the movie Groundhog Day, consumers feel like their days are blurring together and don’t have any reason to follow their traditional grooming habits or hairstyling routines.

They say that all has to do with not going out in public due to COVID.

In one consumer’s words, “If nobody is going to see me, then I’m not offending anyone. But if I have to go out, I’ll definitely shower. I don’t want to be seen in public if I haven’t showered.”

But this slip of personal hygiene is not without its emotional cost. Letting their hair go is not something consumers feel good about. Instead, there’s tension. On the one hand, they don’t see a reason to stay on top of it, while on the other, they feel like they’re slacking.

As one consumer put it, “It feels like I’m fighting laziness, and it’s frustrating.”

How Should Brands Respond?

Consumers are committed to things like keeping their hair long until it’s safer to get it cut, and letting their beard grow until they go back to work.

Brands should empathize with the tension consumers are facing between their commitments and the frustrations they cause.

Brands should also look for ways to honor the commitment to safety and laziness (yep, that’s part of it) that consumers have made.

How can brands help consumers get back to their routines in ways that keep them safe or don’t take much time?

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